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A Fun-and-network-driven pomodoro timer app.

Pomodee is a fun-and-network-driven pomodoro timer app which can make remote working far more enjoyable. The users can share their progress or connect with friends through this app.

The Goal

After the pandemic began, we had many more opportunities for working remotely. The existing productivity app mainly focuses on productivity without any "fun" element, which can cause burnout. Our goal is to make an app which can add a "fun" element to the remote working environment.

My role

I implemented a chart feature to visualize the users' work. The app counts sessions of 25 minutes and shows the number of sessions done in the recent 1 week, automatically renewing the label of the chart.

The Challenges

I used the npm package react-chartjs-2 to implement this feature. Chart.js, which is the original library, has a clear and thorough document, but the documentation of react-chartjs-2 is not that thorough. I went through stack overflow questions and youtube tutorials to find a proper way of implementation.