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A simple application which allows CRUD operation, built with GraphQL and ReactJS.

The concept of this app is to track who owns which car. 3 people are added to the static data file as default, with 3 cars. New people and cars can be added, edited, and deleted. It offers the detail page, which users can navigate by clicking "Learn More to Edit Car Info." If a person is deleted, the cars they own are deleted simultaneously.

The Goal

The goal of creating this app is to get the hang of GraphQL and Ant Design library.

The Challenges

GraphQL is a versatile and valuable tool, but at the same time, it was hard for me to grasp the syntax and how it returns the result. It was also challenging to implement routing with parameters, ensuring that the detail page and the home page show the same data. I overcame this by leaving comments for myself not to lose track of what was happening.