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A unified Information platform app for college students.

This app enables students to manage their course schedule, and connect with new friends using location sharing.

The Goal

The students in Langara College have to use multiple information platforms to manage their course, which is thought to be confusing. And in this pandemic situation, they tend to feel isolated. The goal of this app is to solve these 2 problems.

My role

I was in charge of 2 sections: sign up and "Find my friends." In signing up, users will create and profile account with picture, using the camera of the device. "Find my Friends" feature helps students connect with new friends. It shows the location of the other students using Google Map API and geolocation tracking.

The Challenges

It was challenging to retrieve specific user data (nickname and location data of the user, in this case) from backend(Firebase) and show them on the map UI, using markers. I read through official documentation and managed to implement these. Http referrer restriction is set for Google map API.